The original Buffy’s vampire coat has so many fans up to the present day, and Whedon wants to bring the cult series to a new generation.

Most of Joss Whedon is known for grandiose superhero films, but Buffy the year the vampire was the series that really started his career. The series is considered a cult to date, and Whedon wants to return to this universe in some form.



Whedon is working with the 20th Century Fox studio on the remake, which will be screened by Monica Owusu-Breen, previously working with Agents of SHIELD . If all is true, Buffy’s role will be given to a color-skinned actress, but for the time being there are no candidates yet, but it is certain that the story will be built on the mythology of the original series.

Certainly, many will oppose that black actress takes over Buffy’s role, but it’s probably better to wait for her out of her and then judge her (after all, Buffy never had the skin color in the story).