There will probably be no Joker 2 even though Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips have discussed story ideas.

If you expect a second round of Joker , you will probably be disappointed. While the film is not out yet, questions about a sequel are already arising. The film has had great success in festivals that have screened it, so it’s not surprising that some people think of a sequel.

However, Todd Phillips does not plan for his film with Joaquin Phoenix. During an interview with, he explains: “I do not think we’ll make a second one. It’s not in our plans. But to have fun, Joaquin and month have discussed some ideas. We did that during filming, that’s what we sometimes do. “

In another interview, Phillips said that he would do everything to rework with Phoenix and that he would if the opportunity arose, but it was not a statement for a second film. “What I said was that I would do anything with Joaquin and I would do it. But this film is not made to have a sequel. We pitched it like a single movie, that’s all. “

He still thinks that the Joker’s legacy does not end with his film: “What we’re trying to do with this film is to do something totally different from the comic book movies that came before us.”

He adds: “And not because it’s not cool, but simply because we want to try something different. But it will not be the last Joker movie ever made. Something tells me that in 10 years, someone else will do something. “

Joker will be released on October 9th.