The Russian dancer would have found the media pressure “terrifying” and decided to take refuge in her country.

Johnny Depp’s Russian girlfriend, Polina Glen, allegedly asked for time in their relationship after finding the attention that surrounded her “scary.”

The couple began dating while the 56-year-old actor was recovering from his tumultuous marriage and divorce from actress Amber Heard.

Now, the 24-year-old dancer has apparently given up the Pirates of the Caribbean star and fled to her homeland, and sources told the Daily Mail newspaper she suffered after facing the media scrutiny she received.

“Polina hated the attention the relationship was bringing her and was scary,” they said. “Now he keeps his head down in Russia and tells Johnny that the plans to marry are crazy.”

The dancer reportedly told her friends weeks after their relationship that Depp was desperate to meet his father Gennady and his veterinary mother Irina, who is four years younger than him.

However, the source continued: “Despite the teasing that Polina was only with Johnny for her fame, she kept a low profile while living with him, went to her dance choreography job and then returned home.

“Her celebrity level and her ongoing battle with Amber was too much for her,” they added. “Johnny has been distracted by his enmity with Amber and she didn’t think it was the right time for them to commit to anything.”

Aquaman’s actress, Amber, is currently fighting a libel lawsuit that her ex-husband filed earlier this year, after she wrote an article for The Washington Post, claiming she was a victim of domestic abuse, referring to the accusations. later withdrawals he made against Depp during his explosive divorce, which was finalized in January 2017.

Johnny argues that he was never violent with his then wife and has described his accusations of “deception.” The case is ongoing.