Depp believes that the measure is “too broad” and nothing related to the case of defamation.

Johnny Depp filed a petition Friday to cancel a subpoena filed by his ex-wife Amber Heard, which would force The Weinstein Company to provide details about the actor’s dealings with Harvey Weinstein.

The citation aims to seek data related to the defamation lawsuit of $ 50 million in progress from Depp against it, but Depp states that the measure is “too broad and seeks the production of documents that are not properly subject to the process.”

The citation requests a series of documents, including all “communications between Mr. Depp and Harvey Weinstein”, in addition to documents “on any act of violence committed by Mr. Depp during the production or promotion of The Libertine,” a Weinstein 2004 film produced starring Depp.

The former couple is involved in a bitter legal battle between them, with Depp suing the Aquaman actress after writing an article for The Washington Post, claiming she was a victim of domestic abuse and referring to the accusations she made against Depp in her Explosive divorce in 2016, which were withdrawn after reaching an agreement.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor has insisted that it was Heard who abused him.