Johnny Depp notices that he is being distanced from him in Hollywood after his controversial divorce from Amber Heard and the equally much discussed lawsuit that followed. He said so in an interview with The Sunday Times .

The 58-year-old actor did promotional interviews for his new movie Minamata , but that topic actually became secondary during the conversation.

The film will be released in the United Kingdom, but not yet in Australia and the United States, which is also a major outlet for the film industry. The project was put on the shelf for quite some time, because the film company did not want to venture into a film with Depp.

According to the actor, this is partly due to film distributor MGM, who believes that Depp’s legal concerns do not do the film any good. “The Hollywood boycott…well. A man, an actor who has been in an unpleasant situation for years. I am only looking forward and will make sure that the truth comes out.”

Heard claims Depp abused her

Depp and Heard were at odds for years after their tumultuous marriage came to an end. Heard claimed that Depp assaulted her several times, leading him to sue British newspaper The Sun for calling him a “wife beater.” Twice the actor lost this case in the UK because the judge believed it to be true.

Depp has now filed a case against his ex in the United States to prove his point. In turn, Heard has also filed a case against him.