The British singer Rita Ora was the subject of criticism on social media on Thursday because she was replayed during her performance at the traditional Thanksgiving Parade in New York. John Legend takes it for the singer and announces that all artists have to play during the parade.

“I hope that you have all enjoyed it”

“We all know how to play in the parade because the floats are not able to meet the sound requirements for a live performance, but I hope you enjoyed it all”, John Legend reacts to Twitter. Rita Ora is grateful to him for the support. “Thank you for clarifying this, all my shows are always 100% live.”


Rita Ora also receives support from singer Simona Milinyte. “We all know that Rita Ora can sing, so do not be so quick with judgments,” she twittered. She blames technical problems during the TV broadcast, so that the image did not match the sound. “Exactly”, Rita Ora responds. “You’re right, you know this girl does not play, that’s not my thing, and let’s go eat turkey now.”

Department store Macy organizes a parade every year on Thanksgiving Day, where dozens of artists perform. Macy has apologized. “During today’s NBC broadcast of the Macy’s Parade, several artists suffered from a technical malfunction that negatively affected their show, we apologize and want fans to know that these problems are beyond the artist’s control.” Rita Ora thanks the department store for its openness, “and I hope everyone enjoyed it.”

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade has been held annually since 1924 and counts as the unofficial beginning of the Christmas period.