But also the mobile division of Sony who wants to offer services related to the PlayStation!
In the console market, there are currently three leaders: Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. This is the latter that interests us today since, since a few years the PlayStation 4 to its users, the players are firmly waiting for his successor. A successor who begins to gently talk about him while the latest son of Sony does not seem to have said graphically his last word – attests the aesthetics of God of War. It was all the same in an interview for the serious Wall Street Journal that John Kodera has again mentioned this PlayStation 5 as the interest of Sony for mobile gaming. As a reminder, the man is at the head of the PlayStation division – and so is not anyone!

The PlayStation 5 is not for today
During his interview, John Kodera was rather clear: the PlayStation 5 is not scheduled for tomorrow, in 2021 at most! Sony is also interested in cloud gaming – allowing to play streaming games in exchange for a subscription, in the same vein as the future Resident Evil 7 on Switch. The giant could therefore invest in such a service: remains to know what would be its price and if users are ready to adopt it.

We will use the next three years to prepare for the next stage, positioning ourselves to go even further in the future. We want to move away from the usual way of designing the life cycle of a console. We are no longer in a time when we think of the console and the network as two separate things.

And that’s not all since John Kodera spoke about the mobile game that has generated a lot of money since its democratization. Sony would like to communicate his star console and smartphones for total osmosis. A logical choice when we see a multitude of firms investing heavily on the side of phones that have never been as connected and present as today.