In this way, the actress and singer wanted to remember the eight years of having shared the stage with Swift.

Jennifer Lopez shared some photos and videos of her performance with Taylor Swift in 2013 on Tuesday.

The “On The Floor” singer used Instagram stories to share photos and videos to commemorate 8 years of her performance with Taylor in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have rekindled a romance that dominated the celebrity media nearly 20 years ago.

Paparazzi photos printed in the New York Post in June showed the two actors kissing while enjoying a meal with members of Lopez’s family at Malibu’s posh Nobu sushi restaurant, west of Los Angeles, on Sunday.

Lopez and “Argo” director Affleck, nicknamed “Bennifer,” became the most talked about couple in the celebrity world in the early 2000s in a luxury car romance for him and her. for her and a large 6.1 carat pink diamond engagement ring. They suddenly called off their wedding in 2003 and parted ways a few months later.