The 51-year-old famous singer Jennifer Lopez is admired by many – she is slim and fit and looks much younger than her years. The star really works hard and hard on herself, but not everyone believes that her beautiful appearance is only her own merit. Some people believe that Lopez, like many stars, resorted to “beauty injections”, which she was recently accused of on the net .

Then the star replied that she had never done any injections or injected with Botox. And yesterday she gave an interview to People and explained why she decided to answer a network user who accused her of using Botox.

I am not judging anyone. If you want to do botox and injections, that’s great! But I don’t want people to dare to say, “Oh, she’s trying to make us believe this thing works.” I’m telling you what really works! Please don’t call me a liar. I talk honestly about my life

Said Lopez, who launched her JLo Beauty skincare line this month.

If I did, I would say, “Yes, you are right.” But I don’t want people to say, “Stop lying! You do this, you do that,” when it’s simply not true,

She added.

The singer also revealed her beauty secret, which, according to her, is to be kind to others and support other women.

I think it is very important to do something good for each other instead of offending and humiliating others,

– admitted Lopez.