LOS ANGELES – Jennifer Lopez has posted a number of snaps on Instagram with her ideals for 2019. The singer is looking forward to all the possibilities and adventures that lie ahead for her.

“I love the first day of a new year and the opportunity to do things that I have never done before.On this day I am always very calm, but also excited to reach the goals that I still have to achieve. Last year there was one of boundless power, which this year turned into serious action: be challenging, funny, nice, courageous, trustworthy and put yourself to the things that make your heart beat faster, “says JLo.

She continues: “But the most important thing is: be nice, unite yourself with someone else if you have the chance, instead of standing in front of each other, just see what can happen! I wish you all a healthy, happy, prosperous and a year filled with love Happy new year all, I love you! “

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I love the first day of a new year… I think because of the endless possibilities and new adventures that lie ahead … and the opportunity to do things not ever done before!!! On the first day of this New Year I am very pensive and super calm… but also ready and excited to get after reaching some of my goals I’ve yet to accomplish. The past year was one of realizing our limitless power and this year will be putting that into serious action!! So be daring, be fun, be kind, be courageous , be dependable, be committed to what makes your heart sing and your spirits soar.. be relentless in the pursuit of your passions. And most of all be loving. Unify when you have the chance, never divide! And just watch what happens!!! Wishing you all a healthy, happy, prosperous and joy filled New Year…. Be #limitless HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I love you all so much!! #theonlythingstoppingyouisyou

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