NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 21: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez attend Jennifer Lopez's MTV VMA's Vanguard Award Celebration at Beauty

49-year-old Jennifer Lopez and 43-year-old Alex Rodriguez seem to be doing everything together. They not only train together, but also, apparently, are engaged in joint working affairs. A few hours ago, the singer and baseball player published in their Instagram curious footage.

On them, the pair is depicted in elegant images: J. Law is dressed in a tight turtleneck of a milky color, a light pencil skirt with a belt at the waist and white boats. She holds a small black handbag in one hand and a glass of drink in the other. Her boyfriend is captured in a classic costume. Both are wearing sunglasses.

 Lovely noon with my number one,

– she gently signed the frame.

And in the commentary to another picture, she called her lover “a man of dream” at all, and the place where they walked is “a dream building”.

Rodriguez himself opened the veil of secrecy, who noted the geolocation in the photo. It turns out the couple flew to Stanford University. True, for what purpose, they themselves have not yet told. But the athlete left a rather intriguing comment on his Instagram.

We are ready to hire. Headhunting,

– he wrote.

 As you know, Stanford is one of the world’s best universities. Therefore, its graduates are in great demand. Who exactly is looking for a couple, we can only guess, but who want to work with them, judging by the comments in social networks, is already full.

Ready to work for you,

Take me!

– write Internet users.

It is logical to assume that the competition between university students after this visit of stars has clearly increased – it is obvious that many people dream of working with the singer.