Jennifer Lawrence was injured on the set of the Netflix comedy Don’t Look Up on Friday , TMZ reports . The actress would have gotten glass in her eye and therefore the recordings have been stopped.

During filming, a stunt explosion took place that exploded a window, say people present on set. At the time, the actress was inside the restaurant where the stunt took place.

The stunt didn’t go as planned: Lawrence was injured when a piece of glass hit her eyelid and caused bleeding. She would be doing well under the circumstances.

The actress filmed the last scene for the new Netflix film together with actor Timothée Chalamet on Friday. Due to the accident, it was decided to suspend the recordings for the time being.

Adam McKay, known for films like Vice and The Big Short , is the director of Don’t Look Up . The story of the film centers on two scientists (Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio) who discover that a meteor will hit Earth in six months. They try to inform the population, but are not immediately believed.