Jennifer Garner is not only a famous actress, but also a mother of three children, so she knows firsthand how hard it is to feed the little fussy, not to mention letting her try something new. But Ben Affleck’s ex-wife came up with her own win-win method, which she happily shared with fans.

When Jennifer Garner wants 7-year-old Sam, 10-year-old Serafina or 13-year-old Violette to eat something new, they all play the special game “Like, Love, I Want More” together.

They bite off a piece, and we describe what we ate, introducing ourselves as radio announcers or sports commentators,

– explains the 47-year-old actress.

Look, the meatball flies right up to Sam Affleck. The plug is almost in his mouth. Well well. He is chewing. Chews and swallows. We cannot wait what he will say. Let’s hear his verdict soon!

– Garner parody sports commentator.

There are three options for the development of events: if the dish was not liked, then you have to say “like it.”

Yes, it will not be true, but these are the rules of the game,

– says Garner. With two other answer options, everything is simpler: if the child liked the food, he will say “I love”, and if the delicacy exceeded all expectations – “I want more”.