or fans of Jennifer Aniston, it is no secret that the actress did not get along well with her mother, actress Nancy Dow. The relationship of the “Friends” star and her mother turned sour when a woman released her autobiography, where she told about her daughter. After that, Aniston had not spoken to Dow for many years, but shortly before her mother’s death, they finally made up and were able to begin a new stage in life. Unfortunately, it did not last long – Nancy died in 2016 at the age of 79. Recently, Jennifer once again remembered her problems with her mother on the eve of the release of the film “Dumplin”.

Very soon the comedy “Dumplin” will appear on the screens, where Aniston played the role of the former beauty queen, whose daughter does not shine with any beauty or model forms. The girl is confronted with a misunderstanding of the mother and sometimes even condemnation, and this topic touched upon in Jennifer herself the memories of a difficult period. “My mother was a model and knew how to teach herself. I never became the model child she wanted to see … It helped me in my work on the role, because it resonated well with me. The girl really wanted to be noticed by people and fell in love with her mother, who was too busy with unimportant things, ”says the actress.