An unpleasant situation occurred with the actor of the series “Game of Thrones” Jason Momoa – he was imprisoned in the elevator of one of the Canadian hotels.The company was made up of his beloved dog and several friends.

Among the prisoners of the elevator was also a Romanian boxer and actor Florian Munteanu and personal trainer Jason Mada. Momoa filmed a video about everything that was happening and posted it on Instagram. Judging by the commercials, the company was locked up for more than two hours.

On one of them, Florian violently presses all the buttons, trying to make the elevator open, and then starts screaming:

I’m hungry! Help! Get me out of here!Quite by chance in a pocket of Momoa there is a packet of sweets M & Ms. The actor first wakes her on the floor, and then, having gathered, begins to talk about which of her friends will be the first to eat.

Later, Jason and his friends, desperate to wait for the rescuers, want to get into the elevator shaft through the ceiling.

“I wanted to act like in Die Hard, but it didn’t work,” says Momoa.

All this time, Jason’s friends were on duty near the elevator – stunt men who also tried to figure out how to rescue the actor and his colleagues in misfortune.