Jane Fonda (82) does not mince words. The outspoken actress tells ‘New York Times’ that in her heyday she would have liked to sing a moppie with Marvin Gaye, but decided not to.

“I really regret that”

Jane would have been close to bed sharing with Marvin Gaye. “He really wanted to and I didn’t,” she tells the New York Times . In the interview, the actress was asked if she regrets that she ‘never did it with Che Guevara’. “No”, let them know. “I don’t even think about him.” But she would have liked to have a nice evening with Marvin. “I really regret that.” 

When the opportunity arose to sleep with Marvin, Jane was still married to Tom Hayden. The New York Times asked if the singer used “sexual healing”, his biggest hit, as a pick-up trick, but he didn’t. “I could use that at the time,” she responds candidly. “But he didn’t say that, no.” Marvin apparently had a picture of Jane “on his fridge.” “I didn’t find out until later, when he was dead.” 

Jane also told about her little adventure with Marlon Brando. “Disappointing”, she describes the night. “He’s a good actor.” In addition, she has a ‘drawer full of vibrators’. She can also use it, she reports. After three marriages, ‘the shop down there is closed’. “I don’t have time for it anymore,” she explains. “I have my hands full with myself, my children, grandchildren and friends. I don’t want any more romance. No, I just really don’t have the time.” 

Jane has been world famous for decades, but doesn’t give a signal that she’s going to stop. She still looks radiant. In the video below you can see everything about her career.