The competing studio does not rush to the Disney director.

We were almost certain that James Gunn’s career did not stop Disney releasing the galaxy’s guardian’s 3 after recapturing the director’s tasteless tweets published years before. After his release, we could almost immediately hear that other studios would love to use it in the future. There is also a horror movie about Sonny, and now it seems that Warner Bros. has been eyeing him, not even with any project.

If you’ve done a good job in the Marvel Films universe, you could do that at DC. This was thought of by Warner, and the Wrap reports that Gunnal has been contacted and offered Suicide Squad 2’s chair. Officials have not yet nominated a director for the supermodel teammate, but most recently  Gavin O’Connor’s name was discussed after David Ayer, the first film maker, started concentrating on Gotham City Sirens.

Suicide Squad’s script, Todd Stashwick’s companion, says he is doing well and slowly completing his final form, but the arrival of Gunn may upset this, as he may be able to work through the story. Although “passing over” to DC may be a little surprising, his work at Marvel really fits Suicide Squad with Gunn. Like the galaxy’s guardians, this is a strange team that can not really be called classically-minded heroes. It is important to work well between team members, and chemistry and humor should be derived from the characters. This is not the first Suicide Squad to complete, but a Gunn caliber writer-director has every chance that the anti-heroes will finally fulfill their hopes.

We look forward to further developments and a possible formal confirmation. Would you be pleased if Gunn supervised Suicide Squad 2?