Widow Tomi Rae Brown and Marvin Crawford, the singer’s doctor,  continue to emphasize that they want to reopen the investigation into the death of James Brown . It was always officially claimed that Brown died after heart failure and severe pneumonia, but the two publicly question that. 

According to the widow, everything seems to indicate that her husband was deliberately drugged before his death. Especially the fact that James Brown never had an autopsy fuels her suspicions, which is why Tomi Rae wants the death investigation to be reopened. She is convinced that his manager, David Cannon, is behind the death. In the meantime, he was already convicted of theft: he put money in his pockets that should have gone to the Brown family.

“When I heard that he was dead, I immediately went home, but I was excluded,” she says. Their villa in Georgia was locked from the inside, although others were already on site. “Something has happened there that nobody wants me to know, but whatever it is, the truth will come to light. You can’t hide lies that long. “

Tomi Rae finds it very suspicious that Brown died suddenly, just after he had told his team that he wanted to work less. “The morning he died he called me to say he wanted to move to New York. Bad for business of course. He just wanted to do small shows and he told me he was going to tell Cannon. Less than 24 hours later he was dead, “said Tomi Rae. Brown’s doctor Marvin Crawford also said earlier that the star’s death may be due to an overdose, whether or not it was accidentally administered. 

That is why Tomi, the doctor who signed the death certificate and continues to demand Brown’s circle of friends to reopen the investigation. “I think James was killed,” says Tomi in the American media. “They deliberately gave him those drugs during his last days. It was crack, cocaine and phencyclidine. Everywhere I looked these were nicely scattered. If I threw them in the trash, it would be back home the next day. I found it in the pockets of his costumes, among other things. ”

After the death of the famous singer  , a fierce feud arose within the Brown family about his legacy. According to widow Tomi Rae, she was excluded, and her children would try to have her marriage  annulled in order to be able to destroy her. “I wish that there would finally be clarity, that my husband’s body would finally know rest.”