Jake Gyllenhaal is a fan of Ryan Reynolds … and not just because the two actors are friends. In Variety’s New Power in New York article series about the city’s most influential personalities, the Brokeback Mountain star talked about what impressed her most in the lead actor and producer of Deadpool.


“After years of waiting and struggling to get his unhappy, pear-shaped physique into the tight trousers of a romantic comedy, Ryan had his chance with Deadpool. He built the brick-brick house Deadpool, building a space that inspired him and letting him extend from one corner of the room to the other, “he explains. The film, released in 2016, was a huge box office hit, generating $ 780 million on a $ 58 million budget …

Unexpected card

Nobody, however, really expected such a success, nor for Deadpool, an anti-hero a little forgotten in the Marvel comics, nor for Ryan Reynolds, who had already suffered a huge failure with his first superhero movie, Green Lantern, in 2011. Nobody except Jake Gyllenhaal, precisely.

“Although Ryan Reynolds seems to be doing all this with ease, he’s always working. He writes all night to be present for his wife and children during the day (…) Ryan is a great author and comedian, but he is even better as a friend, father, and husband. And that for me is the sign of true power, “adds Jake Gyllenhaal.