Jada Pinkett Smith

On her Instagram account, the American actress was taken by a surge of sisterhood and paid tribute to Rihanna by revealing an old photo of her, pregnant and in a transparent dress.

On this International Women’s Rights Day, Jada Pinkett Smith has decided to pay tribute, on Instagram, to the women who inspire her the most throughout the month of March. At the heart of his publication of the day? Rihanna .

The American actress posted a photo montage where we can see the singer and her baby bump in a slip dress during the Dior fashion show , as well as a photo of herself, dating from the 1998 Grammys ceremony, in see-through dress and also pregnant with her son Jaden. A post captioned “Who said you can’t wear see-through clothes when you’re pregnant? »


Much criticized for her outfits revealing her baby bump, Rihanna decides not to change her course of action. In an interview for the American magazine “People”, the diva indeed explained that the search for clothes during her pregnancy was a real challenge and that she appreciated not having to worry about covering her belly. A statement that better explains his desire for belly in the air.

A choice validated by Jada Pinkett Smith. She also did not hesitate to dress in her most beautiful transparent dresses to experience her pregnancies as comfortably as possible, even on the red carpet. Habits that she reminds us of on her Instagram account, while supporting the future mother. And above all, by imposing an extremely positive message on it, that of being able to wear what you want!


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