Kim Kardashian has long been no stranger to criticism: the reality star is criticized by all and sundry – from Internet users to influential media people, but at the same time Kim herself easily transcends all new heights through this negative. Does not interfere with the wife of Kanye West and the lack of education, in which she was recently reproached by singer John Bon Jovi. 


American musician believes that the fame and wealth went to Kim undeservedly. In an interview with The Sunday Project, Bon Jovi discussed popular reality shows, and then spoke specifically towards Kardashian. “We live in a terrible world. Personally, I did not spend 60 seconds of my life watching “Real Housewives” or “Kardashian Family”. I don’t even know the names of these people, ”the musician said, and afterwards he admitted that he still knows the name Kim, but he does not consider her a real star. – That’s what she, interestingly, will write in her autobiography? “I starred in porn and became famous?” Sorry, but this is not for me. It would be better if she wrote a book, painted a picture, became an actress, or at least went to study. ” After that, Bon Jovi added that, in his opinion, an example of real glory is a bonus after writing a good song.