52-year-old Vincent Cassel ( Vincent Cassel) opened up about the personal. He said , how he manages to stay in harmony with the model Tina Kunakov ( by Tina Kunakey), which is younger than his 30 years.

The life of the French actor is now stable – he has an excellent job , an amazing wife and beloved heirs. But such a situation does not make him bored.

“ No, no , it’s not about me at all! There is always some kind of incentive. First of all , I like , what I do. I still enjoy my work. In addition , pretty much absorbed in family affairs. If you have a busy personal life , have a favorite thing , which allows for the existence of – a lot of problems just disappear, “- said the actor.

Vincent emphasized , that the children’s interests for him in the first place. Kassel assures thathe enjoys the current moment and has fun as he can. He takes up only interesting projects and discovers new sides. The actor admitted , that the age difference does not affect his relationship with his wife , as ” living with someone is difficult in any case.”

“ There is such an expression:“ Together closely , we are bored apart. ” All about balance ,which is necessary to support the day-to-day. You can not find the point of balance and calm down; it will not last forever, ”Vincent said in an interview with ELLE .

The famous Frenchman emphasized , that in relation to the same age as there are difficulties ,but we can not pay them any attention. Kassel called age only aspect , which must be taken into account.