The Israeli army responded with an air strike on Thursday to the detonation of a Syrian missile about 30 kilometers from a nuclear power plant. The country has attacked Syrian missile launching facilities.

The Israeli attack is said to have been repelled by Syrian anti-aircraft guns. Four soldiers would have been injured and material damage would have occurred.

It is unclear what exactly was damaged. Nothing is currently known about any injuries, deaths and damage on the Israeli side. The explosion near the nuclear power plant has triggered various air alarms in the area.

According to the Israeli army, the Syrian attack was not aimed at the nuclear power plant, but at an Israeli plane. The missile would have missed its target and landed about 30 kilometers from the plant.

Among the affected launchers in Syria is the location where the missile was launched. The area affected by Israel may be partly in the hands of Iranian-backed militias.

This area has been hit by Israeli attacks more often in the past. There is currently a lot of tension between Israel and Iran, partly due to the scaling up of the Iranian nuclear program.