After the breakup, the couple maintains friendly relations.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper broke off their relationship back in 2019. The former lovers have a daughter, Leia, whom they still raise together. In an interview with Elle magazine, Shayk shared her opinion on what it is like to raise a child with her ex-boyfriend. “Bradley is the most wonderful dad! I have never understood the term “joint custody”. When I am with my daughter, I am 100% mom, and when she is with her dad, he is 100% her dad, ”the supermodel says in an interview.

She also added that she prefers not to talk about other details of the relationship with her former lover. “My past relationship is something that belongs to me, it’s personal. It’s just a part of my inner world that I don’t want to give away, ”Shayk admits. The model does not pay attention to what the press writes about her relationship with Cooper, because she is very busy raising her daughter and her work. “If they want to write articles [about me], they do their job. I focus on my life and my friends. Everything else is just noise, ”explained Irina.

Now the press mainly publishes articles that say that former lovers have friendly relations, which they maintain for the sake of raising a common daughter. Sometimes rumors of a reunion of the couple leak out, which none of them comment on in any way. Whether Shayk has a new boyfriend is also unknown.