Sajad Gharibi, also known as the Iranian Hulk, posted a message in 2016 that went viral in which he indicated that he wanted to eliminate terrorist group IS himself. He left that idea behind him and now he wants to take a gamble in the martial arts.

Gharibi reported on his Instagram account, which has nearly half a million followers, that he has accepted the challenge of a Brazilian fighter. Who that would be is not yet known, but updates about the fight are posted on his social media.

Previous announcements

This is not the first time this muscle bundle announces that it is entering a fight. For a long time it was speculated that he would compete against British actor Martyn Ford, who himself is also an impressive show. However, the fight was canceled: Ford was cast to play in the Made Ordinary  movie  and wanted to focus on that.

The Iranian Hulk had plans to enter the show business after the blown-down battle and announced that he would be on show at WWE, the largest show wrestling organization. This later turned out to be a promotional stunt and it is not clear whether the two parties have ever had a conversation.