In a video showing her office, Kylie Jenner (22) also wakes up her daughter Stormi (1). Hereby she sings a sentence, but she will now regret it. The reality star gets a lot of memes, jokes and jokes about him.

Kylie showed her Kylie Cosmetics office in a vlog. Daughter Stormi has her own bedroom at the office and took a nap during the recording. At the end of the video, the brunette decides to wake her up. When the lamp is switched on, Kylie sings: “Rise and shine.” And that now generates a lot of hilarity with celebrities, fans and Neme pages on Twitter and Instagram. 

For example, Miley Cyrus shared one in which Kylie would participate in The Voice and was a resounding success among the jury members. Everyone turns around in one go for the golden throat of the reality star. 

But the funniest must come from Saint Hoax’s meme page. 

Ariana Grande is also a fan and asks Kylie if she can use the piece of audio for a future song. 

Watch the original video below.