It is specified that the main targets of the movement are individuals who held main positions in the Armed Forces, the Police and the investigation units.

The Taliban are beginning to track down and arrest Afghans who appear on their ‘black list’ for having held key positions in the former Afghan government or for collaborating with the US, according to a report by a consulted Norwegian intelligence group  by Reuters.

In the report, issued by the Norwegian Center for Global Analysis RHIPTO, it is stated that the Taliban are already targeting  people linked to the previous Afghan administration . It is specified that the main targets of the Taliban movement are individuals who held main positions in the Armed Forces, the Police and investigation units .

“The Taliban are intensifying the persecution of individuals and collaborators with the previous regime, and, if they are unlucky, they attack and detain families and punish them according to their own interpretation of Sharia law,” it reads. The report.

Enclosed with the document is a letter, allegedly addressed to an Afghan who was reportedly arrested at his Kabul apartment this week for his role as a counter-terrorism official.

“If you do not appear before the commission, your family members will be detained in your place , and you are responsible. You and your family members will be treated on the basis of sharia law,” the letter reads.

At the same time, a senior official of the former government revealed to the media that the Taliban have seized secret national security documents and are detaining former intelligence and security employees.

  • Last Sunday, the Taliban seized control of Kabul, the Afghan capital, and  ended  their offensive across the country.
  • The hasty US exit  caused  a  “considerable amount” of US weapons  accumulated in Afghanistan, valued at billions of dollars, to fall into the hands of the Taliban. Likewise, it was  reported  that the Taliban had seized  US biometric devices  that could be used to identify Afghans who collaborated with the Western coalition led by Washington.