The bodyguard of Kim Kardashian has a million claim to his pants. The reality star insurance charges the man and his employer for negligence in the run-up to the armed robbery against Kardashian in Paris.

At the robbery in October 2016, the criminals made about 10 million worth of jewelry. Kim would have recovered more than 6 million from the insurance. The insurance company now wants to recover that amount from the bodyguard and the security company he is working for.

According to TMZ, the insurer claims that the bodyguard Pascal Duvier was negligent because he did not work on a lock that was missing on one of the hotel’s exterior doors and of faults on the intercom.


Duvier was not present during the robbery, he was at that time deployed to secure the sisters of Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner in a nightclub. Kim Kardashian has previously indicated that she does not blame the bodyguard.

The cosmetic entrepreneur was alone in her room when robbers invaded. She was kept at gunpoint, bound and locked in the bathroom. The French police detained ten people a few months later for involvement in the robbery.