britney spears
Even the singer’s boyfriend could not stand it and publicly insulted Jamie Spears.

A source close to Britney confirmed that her guardian father restricts his daughter’s interactions with people, with the exception of assistants, lawyers and boyfriend Sam Asgari. Jamie Spears is especially careful about his daughter’s communication with men.

“When it comes to communicating with people, Britney has limitations. And while Jamie lets Sam be with her, she has limited access to people outside of her staff and legal team. Jamie sees the men in Britney’s life as a possible threat to her career. However, and Sam, he never considered his ally, and this badly affects his relationship with Britney, “- said the insider.

Britney’s lover recently spoke about Jamie Spears, and very unflattering. Amid discussions of the scandalous film about the singer Framing Britney Spears, Asgari, according to insiders, could no longer remain silent. He wrote on his Instagram: “I have no respect for someone who tries to control our relationship and constantly puts obstacles in our way. I think Jamie is a complete freak. I will not go into details, as I respect our privacy. But at the same time, I did not come to this country [from Iran] to keep quiet and hide my opinion. “

The source noted that such statements are not peculiar to Sam. “He is not one of those who publicly speaks in a negative way. But he reached a critical point. It seems that the documentary and the active support coming from Britney fans gave him strength, and he finally said what he thinks, “- said the anonymous author.