Today, Tuesday, the Indian army announced the killing of an officer and two soldiers in his violent confrontations with Chinese forces on the border between the two countries.

The newspaper “Times of India” reported that an Indian officer and two soldiers were killed in a confrontation with Chinese forces in the Jalwan Valley along the China-India border, Monday evening.

She added that today, senior military officials will meet at the site in an attempt to defuse the situation.

Against the background of the clashes, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh held a meeting with the Chief of Defense Staff and the Minister of Foreign Affairs at an emergency meeting today to discuss developments on the border.

According to the “Times of India” website, citing informed sources, that the Indian forces twice crossed the border on June 15 for illegal activities and provoked the Chinese forces personnel, which led to violent clashes between the two parties that caused losses to both parties.

It is reported that skirmishes took place between the two sides along the border last month as well.

The current incident comes in light of the continued military meetings and diplomatic communication between the two parties to reduce the tension that has escalated during the past weeks.

Tension prevails between the two countries, due to a long-standing territorial dispute over the ownership of some border areas, and in the fall of 1962, this conflict escalated into a border war.

In 1993 and 1996, China and India signed peace agreements in the disputed areas.