The EU is not satisfied with the changes made to the protection of the personal data of both social networks.

The European Commission is not going away with the giants of the web. It must be said that social networks have the annoying to exploit the personal data of their users for often unclear purposes. We all remember the Cambridge Analytica case which, via the collection of private information on Facebook, could have influenced the American elections. And it is this social network that is today in the visor of the European Commission in addition to Twitter. They are urged to quickly comply with EU rules on the protection of privacy on the internet. A policy that does not seem to settle the two social networks …

The European Union wants to protect the privacy of its users

Facebook and Twitter do not seem ready to change their policies regarding the personal data of residents of the European Union. And for good reason: invited seven months ago to do what was necessary, nothing has been done since. Social networks play the blind. It was at a conference of Vera Jourova, European Commissioner for Justice and Consumer Affairs that the giants were called to order.

If we do not see improvement, the sanctions will come. It’s very clear. We can not negotiate forever, we need to see the results

On the side of France, Facebook is again beaten by the Directorate General of competition consumption and the repression of fraud through a statement (salted).

Facebook was told that this compliance should be implemented before the end of the year. Otherwise, appropriate enforcement action will be taken to compel the company to comply with national and European consumer protection rules.

It seems that social networks continue to fall through the cracks and that an agreement between them and the EU is not ready to happen! …