If you thought that the bottom is Kardashian on the cover of Vogue, you were wrong: the bottom is the March cover of the once most influential Fashion Bible, on which Justin Bieber shows a tattooed torso and a newly made spouse. It seems that Anna Wintour, before she finally survives from the post of the head of Vogue, is going to drive the edition into the coffin and actively hammer nails.

Some newlyweds have a wedding photographer at the head of a low-priced, “familiar” photographer, while Justin and Haley dealt with Annie Leibovitz. And if ordinary people have wedding photos decorating an apartment, then newly-minted star spouses have a Vogue cover. The fact that the publication is going to publish an exclusive photo session with Justin and Hayley, was known long ago – when evidence of the fact of the marriage of two stars was not yet, the ubiquitous paparazzi managed to document the shooting process of the photo session in December 2018

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In addition to the photo shoot, Vogue published an extensive interview with a star couple, teeming with Justin comments like pearls that he had not had sex for a year, observing celibacy before the wedding:

“God does not urge us not to have sex, because He wants us to observe his rules. With this appeal, he is trying to protect us from pain. I think sex can cause a lot of pain. Sometimes people have sex because they feel bad. Because they need to prove to themselves that they are desired. Girls do it, and guys do too. I wanted to re-dedicate myself to God in this regard, because I felt that it would be better for my soul. And I believe that because of this, God blessed me with Haley. There are pluses. You are rewarded for good behavior. ”

Justin and Hayley became husband and wife less than six months ago, but they managed to make sure that marriage was very difficult and went to a family psychologist:

“The fact is that marriage is very difficult,” admits Hayley in an interview with Vogue journalists. – You should start with this offer. It’s damn hard. ”