The Hollywood star admitted that he was most afraid of losing his wife.

t’s hard to believe, but the Hollywood star Hugh Jackman admits that all his life he valued only one woman – his own wife. Which, by the way, is older than him for many years.

“Idon’t get tired of talking about it. When I met Deborra-Lee, I immediately realized that I wanted to marry her. I waited six months, I was afraid, I wanted to make sure that I was driven not by ordinary passion, desire, maybe I was not yet ripe for love. Ridiculous. Every day love became deeper and stronger. Full confidence is what I felt next to this woman. I could be what Hugh Jackman was. Not some version of yourself. Even when Deb tried to leave me — after three weeks — I managed to talk her out of this decision. Although I am, in principle, a very indecisive by nature person, and my wife knows about it. I can count on the fingers of one hand those cases when I was absolutely sure of something. But my love for her, the conviction that this is my woman, is the only one – just one of them. Thank God, we got married. And now almost 23 years together. ”- Jackman told the story of his love.

The actor believes that one of the secrets of his marriage is the fact that from the very beginning they entered into an agreement with his wife.

 When we got married, we made a pact. One of the conditions – do not part longer than two weeks. And we follow this rule. But the main thing – they promised to always be close at key, crucial moments of life. Interested in each other, as this very moment will affect the family, marriage, children. We are a party of four. So, if some work in my career can badly affect at least one of the family members, I have no right to accept it. It is easy for me to sacrifice myself for the sake of the family to some extent. There are situations like “Oh, this is such a film, it would be great to shoot it!”. And Deb looks at me, and I understand: this is not the right time. It is the best barometer for me in such cases. ”