Hugh Grant, 58, took part in a panel discussion organized by The Hollywood Reporter, and told why he could no longer be the hero of romantic comedies.

Together with Grant at the round table gathered the star of “Game of Thrones” Richard Madden, the star of “Outcast-one” Diego Luna, Oscar-winning Sam Rockwell and others. Hugh – the only one of the actors who, over the years of his acting career, has earned himself the role of the hero of romantic comedies. However, this remains in the past, because the actor is tired of romcoms. “I’m too old, ugly and fat to keep shooting at them. Now I do other things and I hate myself less, ”said Grant.

He was quick to note that he had never had any problems getting a lot of money for his work. “I was very lucky. I am not ashamed of the majority of romantic comedies in which I starred. In my career there were one or two frankly bad films, but people like the rest. I believe that our task is to entertain. After the film “Four weddings and one funeral,” I should have taken more interesting offers, tried myself in different things, but instead I repeated my image 17 times in a row, ”the actor concluded.

Hugh Grant has such hits as The Bridget Jones’s Diary, Notting Hill, Reason and Feel and others.