For the first time, Apple is no longer in the first or second place of best-selling phone brands. 

The Chinese technology concern Huawei has rejected Apple in the second quarter of this year to third place. This is reported by the International Data Corporation (IDC), which keeps track of telephone sales.

The Chinese are now the number two of the world. Samsung is still the best-selling smartphone brand, with more than 71 million phones. Huawei sold over 54 million and Apple over 41 million iPhones.

Samsung has sold far fewer phones than in the same period last year. Huawei plussed huge and at Apple there was a slight decrease. Yet Apple has earned much more than in the second quarter a year ago; that is because iPhones have become more expensive.


The IDC says that the Huawei figures are impressive, because the Chinese brand was relatively unknown to consumers a few years ago.

In the second quarter of this year 342 million smartphones were sold. That is more than 6 million less than in the same period last year.