The actress rages on Instagram about the Los Angeles house party and ignoring social distancing, says she is embarrassed that America has had a political pandemic.

Hilary Duff and her family took a leisurely stroll on July 4, which left her frustrated and “steaming” after seeing people gathered at a house party and totally oblivious – willingly or not – to the fact that ‘there is still a pandemic on.

The star “Younger” said that she had scratched her head after seeing no mask and “girls in swimsuits and louboutins waiting to enter a line in a club”.

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“California is in bad shape (in many ways), but not everyone thinks we all want to go out and travel and enjoy the summer,” continued the actress, before concluding that all that we see in the states rejecting this pandemic is stating that “Americans don’t care about each other. “

Hilary says her family has had all kinds of socially distant entertainment for the holidays, including taking two walks, taking a drive, and even taking a nap together. She accompanied her fiery words with pictures of herself and her family, keep it discreet and private.

She then decried that a pandemic has somehow become a hot political problem, scientific advice being taken or thrown depending on the party to which you subscribe.

It does not help that the President has been largely anti-mask and anti-social distancing in practice. Although he has recently stated that he has no problem with the masks, he still avoids being seen at a rally and recent rallies have shown that he has no interest in urging his supporters to make one of the recommendations to slow the spread of the virus.