Recently, the top model of the 90s, who built the concept of supermodel to the rank of almost goddesses, began to return to the podium again. Recently, Naomi Campbell defiled the fashion show, striking everyone with her figure, and Christy Turlington, the legend of world catwalks, came to the podium of the Marc Jacobs collection in autumn-winter 2019.

In a chic dress of black feathers and a storm of applause, she walked along the runway, and then wrote in her Instagram: “Marc Jacobs asked me to close his show in New York, how could I refuse! Why? Firstly, I know and love him since I was 16, secondly, I am now 50 and I want to answer the questions “And why not”, and thirdly, I have a 15-year-old daughter, and I am very I want her to hear and see me, and this is the environment in which you can do it. “

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About tonight! OMG @themarcjacobs invited me to close his beautiful show tonight and I couldn’t resist. A. I have known and loved this man since I met him at age 16. B. I turned 50 this year and have arrived at a place where “Why the F not” is the answer that comes up when I ask myself questions. C. I have a 15 year old daughter who I desperately want to see and hear me and this is a medium that “speaks”to her. So, thank you’s are in order, @karliekloss @gigihadid and @kaiagerber and all the lovely young women I have met briefly in the recent past or met tonight. You are ALL women I would want my daughter to emulate in your grace, confidence and elegance. Always reassuring to have @guidopalau @diane.kendal @stephenjonesmillinery and @kegrand encouraging you on and making you look and feel your best. And while that muscle did not hurt as much as I would have thought to exercise again, after 20 plus years, I am not certain I could beat the experience of tonight or wish to try! Now I can say exactly when and for whom I last walked a runway and feel so proud of all the forces of nature who made it possible! 😘@1.800.newbold & Congratulations for all of the amazing people who put shows like this together. I am in awe of the efforts I was able to witness firsthand and truly appreciate from a new perspective over the last couple of days all the effort that goes in. Bravo!

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