Netflix has not yet announced the date for the premiere of The Witcher, and meanwhile the shooting of the first season has come to an end. This was confirmed by the leading actor Henry Cavill, who published the photo from the set on Instagram.

The actor captured himself in the process of becoming Geralt from Rivia and assured the fans that they would see a decent show. “The shooting of the first season came to an end. And even if the photograph I have is not the most satisfied expression on my face, it was an incredible journey. The cast and film crew worked tirelessly. I could not be proud of them more than now! By the way, since we are talking about the team: Jackie, Alvia and Lee are unsurpassed professionals. Day after night they worked on the incarnation of Geralt: they improved, customized and corrected the image throughout the shooting. Thanks to these ladies for such a pleasant journey. All these rises at three in the morning were worth it, ”the actor wrote under the photo.

Now fans have to wait for the stream service to announce the release date of The Witcher. Recall, not so long ago, an anonymous source on the portal Recapped reported that the first episodes of the series will be available from December 20. “They say that the show has already been extended to the second season, and the shooting will start in January 2020,” said an insider. It is likely that Netflix is ​​really preparing a Christmas present for viewers, since Recapped has repeatedly circulated rumors that were later confirmed.