Throughout the week, the network discussed the scandal that erupted around Joan Rowling, who was accused of transphobia . And the other day, Heidi Klum was severely criticized on the network because of her reaction to the plus-size dance of the dancer Amanda LaCount on America`s Got Talent show, whose jury is a model member. So, the star almost immediately after the start of the performance pressed the red button, not wanting to watch it to the end, while the other judges after the dance applauded the participant standing.

Amanda herself has already commented on Heidi’s reaction on her Instagram. 

“For many years I have come across body shamers and people like Heidi who think I’m not good enough. But I will make her change her mind. The fact that Simon (Simon Cowell, another member of the jury of the show – approx. Ed.) Came up to me backstage to discuss my performance, means a lot to me. I respect him and all the judges very much, and I am extremely happy to receive a positive feedback from you. Thank you for your support, ”the girl wrote.