Heather Locklear is admitted to a psychiatric institution. The attending doctor of the actress made use of an arrangement whereby a person can be obliged to follow an internal treatment for a maximum of 72 hours.

The therapist decided to do so after he had found that the 57-year-old had a slump again. Richie Sambora, the father of Locklear’s daughter Ava, tells  People that he is “very proud of how strong his daughter is in these difficult times”.

In June Heather was also forced to be admitted because she threatened to do something about it. Not much later she ended up in the hospital after an overdose. The Melrose Place actress spent the summer in a rehab clinic.


In addition to her addiction and psychological problems, Locklear also has legal concerns: one of the ambulance staff who treated her when she was arrested in February for domestic violence, accuses her of assault.

A police officer who attended the arrest also filed a complaint about the aggressive behavior of the actress during her arrest.