The American streaming platform HBO Max shot the Gone With the Wind film, which is set during the American Civil War.

According to the Wall Street Journal on June 10, the Cops series has also disappeared from the Paramount Network television program, which, according to the publication, indicates that broadcasters are reviewing their policies amid anti-racist protests in the United States.

The publication indicates that Gone With the Wind was previously criticized for “romanticizing slavery.” The NVO noted that they could return the film, but notes on the content of “controversial topics” will be added to it.

Gone With the Wind was filmed in 1939 with the participation of actors such as Vivien Leigh and Clark Gaber. The picture received eight Oscars. At the same time, the actress Hattie McDaniel, who played in the film, became the first of the black artists awarded the Oscar.

In recent weeks, protests and riots have continued in the United States over the death of African American George Floyd. The man died after the harsh actions of the police during the detention.

The incident caused a wide public outcry, people opposed racism and abuse of power by the police.