After a month and a little, Hayley Steinfeld will return to the big screen in the spin-off of Transformers. As part of the promotional campaign for the film, Hayley appeared in a photo shoot for the November Harper’s Bazaar, trying on a few bold and quite “adult” (for a 21-year-old actress) images.

The spin-off of Transfomer, in which Hayley Steinfeld played a major role, is dedicated to Bumblebee, one of the most popular heroes in the franchise. Technically, this is rather a prequel – the action in Bumblebee will unfold in 1987. Hiding from persecution, Bumblebee finds refuge in a car dump in a California town where Charlie (Hayley Steinfeld) lives. The girl will soon be 18, she seeks to find her place in life. And it is she who comes across a broken and broken Bumblebee. Having brought him to his senses, Charlie instantly realizes: on her way there was not a simple yellow Volkswagen Beetle.


The premiere of “Bumblebee” in cinemas will take place on December 20, 2018, for the audience, by the way, the blockbuster will compete with Aquaman with Jason Momoa, which comes out in Russia a week earlier.

Photoset Haley for Harper’s Bazaar: