One of the most famous plus-size-models, Ashley Graham, came to the Melbourne Festival and took part in several events at once, where she once again reminded that curvaceous forms are the reason not for frustration, but for pride.

The appearance of Ashley Graham at the photocall before the fashion shows could not pass unnoticed. Of course, the model appeared in front of the photographers in a dress that not every girl would dare. In a black bodysuit and a translucent lace dress, emphasizing all the features of the figure, Ashley felt quite comfortable, because the desired effect was achieved – it was impossible to look away from the model, who enjoyed posing for photographers and sending kisses to the crowd. As, however, and from those images that Ashley presented on the podium during the show, Jason Grech. The model showed two outfits – a turquoise dress with a bold neckline and a no less bold cut, and a black dress with a flying transparent skirt. 

Later, speaking on Network Ten in Australia, Ashley admits that she chooses such provocative images on purpose.

I want to turn the fashion industry around to hear no more: “Oh, it’s a plus-size model.” I do not understand why girls should be measured by the number on the label of their pants? Why can’t we just say her name or what she does? Look at men, they do not. Do not say “my friend plus-size”. So why do we women appreciate each other like that? In the end, to have a fat ass or cellulite is your personal right. I’ve been in the modeling business since I was 12, and during that time many people wanted me to change. But I firmly uphold who I am. And I accept myself as I am. Dimensions should not stop us from being happy, ”Ashley concluded.