The Harvey Weinstein legal team is about to sit down with lawyers from a number of women accusing him of abuse. He wants to offer them a financial compensation. 

In this way, Weinstein tries to prevent the women from bringing him to court in a civil lawsuit, according to the  Wall Street Journal.

A mediation in New York would be planned in early November to discuss more than twelve cases. There would also be accusations that have not yet been discussed in the media.


Weinstein is accused by dozens of women of unacceptable behavior, ranging from intimidation to rape.

Things that will be discussed during the mediation include those of Weinstein’s former assistant, who says she was forced to clean up the seed of the producer after his escapades. The lawyers of the British actress Kadian Noble and film producer Alexandra Canosa would also be present at the talks.

Hundred million

According to the newspaper, the amounts that both parties have in mind are still very far apart. The intention is to have a fund for the victims, where their lawyers want to see more than a hundred million dollars. The Weinstein team, which consists of lawyers and insurers, would bet on a much lower amount.

The outcome of the talks does not affect the criminal cases against the former film producer.