Harvey Weinstein was found to be partially guilty on Monday in the case of sexual abuse of two women. A jury of seven men and five women ruled that the film percentage is guilty of two of the five charges.

Weinstein was acquitted of the most serious charges, namely assault with a predatory motive and rape in the first degree. The film producer can be sentenced to 25 years in prison for the other three charges, including rape in the third degree. It is not yet known whether the prosecutors or Weinstein’s lawyers will appeal against the ruling.

The penalty against Weinstein has yet to be determined. The film producer can be sentenced to life imprisonment.

The case against Weinstein was brought by two of his alleged victims. These two women, actress Jessica Mann and production assistant Miriam Haley, sued the film producer for rape and unwanted oral sex. The incidents were reported to have occurred in 2013 and 2006.

Weinstein has denied all accusations. The 67-year-old New Yorker stated at the start of the trial that he was innocent. According to him, the sexual acts took place with mutual consent.