Although there is no complete clarity on this matter, it is obvious that Staunton would be an excellent choice for the role of Elizabeth even more wise for years.

Only recently Olivia Colman succeeded Claire Foy in the image of Elizabeth II in the drama series “The Crown”, but Netflix may have already found an actress who will play the British queen in the fifth and sixth seasons of the television show. According to the Daily Mail and TVLine, the role is reserved for Imelda Staunton – she is familiar to the general public in the image of Dolores Umbridge from films about Harry Potter. True, there is no unanimity among the media about the veracity of this news. So, Variety, referring to Netflix, refutes the information received.

At the moment, the fourth season of “Crown” is being shot, but the order for the production of subsequent seasons has not yet been approved, so any information about the new faces in the cast is nothing more than speculation,

– said a representative of Netflix, referring to information on the involvement of Staunton in the project.

Recall that Claire Foy played the role of Elizabeth II in the first two seasons of the “Crown”, while Coleman in this image will appear in the third and fourth seasons. As for Staunton, in addition to participating in the “Potterian”, the 63-year-old actress is also known as the performer of the title character in Mike Lee’s film “Vera Drake” (2004). For this film, she was awarded an Oscar nomination, and also won the Volpi Cup for best actress in the framework of the Venice Film Festival.

The premiere of the third season of “Crown” took place recently – all ten new episodes became available on Netflix on November 17.