Victims once again mourn America, after the “attack” with a gun at Mercy Hospital, Chicago. A 32-year-old man got his gun and killed – without a reason and cause – three people, among them and a policeman, who rushed to the place to see what was happening.

An eyewitness who was in the hospital at the time, James Gray, told the authorities that the offender was not in his favor, as he seemed to accidentally shoot people. Inside the victims he killed, he added a little later, but it is not clear whether he fell from the police or whether he committed suicide.

The Hailey Baldwin-Bieber, seemed to be desperate with the reckless use of weapons in America and in Instagram, erupted bringing a message about the use of weapons.

“I’m very sorry for Chicago. I can not figure out how many lives have been lost unjustly due to the use of weapons. We desperately need immediate control of the weapons in this country in order to save innocent lives. Enough”.



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enough is enough.

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