Gwyneth Paltrow has included a $ 1,995 Ouija board in her annual Goop Vacation Guide.

The Iron Man actress and lifestyle guru has unveiled her latest collection of recommended gifts and includes expensive toilet paper and a portal to the spirit world.

A statement on your brand’s website suggests that the items “meet today’s needs: less travel and more snacks, personal care and alcohol. And yes, puzzles galore. “

The Ouija board offers “glitter-bombarded, hand-poured acrylic,” while the bath product, called toilet paper # 2, priced at $ 34, is “conscientious toilet paper (made from 100% sustainable bamboo). style (note the elegant dark floral packaging) and a silky smooth texture that is gentle on the skin. “

His now-infamous ‘This Smells Like My Vagina’ candle, which Paltrow released earlier in the year, is also on the list, as is a $ 210 Batard Bread lamp, made from real bread, coated in resin.

Among the more expensive items are the $ 110,000 “Treehouse of the Future” and a copy of Norman Mailer’s MoonFire Lunar Rock Edition Limited Edition Coffee Table Book, which comes with a meteorite, for US $ 275,000 dollars.