Gwyneth Paltrow found it shocking when in 2013 she was proclaimed ‘the most hated celebrity’ and ‘the most beautiful woman’ in one week.


“I remember thinking:” Really? “More than Chris Brown, for example,” I? Really? Wow, “said Paltrow in conversation with New York Times .

At that time it still felt like a personal attack, but now the 45-year-old actress can handle criticism from others. She thinks that part of the ‘hatred’ that people feel for her comes from a wrong image that people have.


When she announced in 2014 that she wanted to divorce Chris Martin using the term conscious uncoupling , she was startled by people’s reaction. The actress thinks that people thought she and the Coldplay singer thought they were better at divorce than others.

“While I wanted to say how much hurt it was that we were not able to make our marriage succeed and that we would try it in a different way, I realized how differently people can interpret words than I mean.”