Making TikTok videos with her 22-year-old grandson Sam dragged Judi Dench through quarantine. The 85-year-old Oscar winner received strict guidelines from him to make perfect dances together. She told this in an interview with the British ‘Channel 4 News’.

“I had to rehearse for it because those dance moves don’t come naturally to me”

“I don’t know anything about TikTok, so Sam is the one who took care of everything technically and figured out what we were going to do. And I stuck to that. I had to rehearse because the dance moves don’t come naturally to me,” said Judi.

The actress is worried if she can ever watch a movie in a cinema again because of the corona virus. “Will the cinemas ever open again? Maybe I won’t experience that anymore. I wouldn’t know how we can overcome all this. Not that cinemas have a higher priority than other things, but it has an effect on all of us. “